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Cinnamon Crackers  is a famous breakfast or night time snack. Jamaicans are famous for having crackers and tea for breakfast or a night time snack. Known for their exceptional taste, the quality of our Crackers is unrivalled. The absence of cholesterol, sugar and fat means each delightful bite is good for you. This cinnamon flavoured cracker adds a bit of spice to your everyday routine.


Product of Jamaica.

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Jamaican Made

The Jamaica Biscuit Co Ltd is the oldest and largest biscuit company in Jamaica.

Jambisco has been producing and distributing many popular Jamaican favourites for more than one hundred years;  Excelsior, Shirley, Holiday, Bermudel and more. These brands are enjoyed in the USA, UK, Canada and Cayman Islands.

Excelsior crackers are a Jamaican staple and are often enjoyed with a cup of steaming tea or coffee. Dip in either beverage and it quickly absorbs the flavour.

Product of Jamaica.

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