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Jamaican Belt 1pc – Buy Today

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Jamaican Belt 1pc

Jamaican belt is a great accessory piece that can be worn with most outfits, pants, dresses or shorts. The Jamaican belt was inspired by our  Jamaican culture as it boasts the color of the Jamaican flag. The belts are made of cloths and buckle at the front of the waist.

Always-Fit–This woven stretch braided belt enable the buckle lock in any position of the strip, thus get the perfect tightness and exact fit on your waist;

Comfortable–The material of elastic fabric provides a smooth and limitless adjustment for the perfect tightness on your waist, you feel not only holding up the pant, but also embraced by the arms

Product of Jamaica.


A crochet belt with the Jamaican colors: black, green and gold.