National Ginger Bulla (6pk) – Best Jamaican Snacks

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National Ginger Bulla (6pk) is made from the finest ingredients, our authentic ginger-flavored Bulla is in a class by itself. This moist circular delectable cake has perfect consistency and a distinct, palate-pleasing taste that is guaranteed to please.

Product of Jamaica.



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National Ginger Bulla (6pk) - Best Taste - Buy now!


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Jamaican Made

National Ginger Bulla is a product of the National Baking Company. National Baking Company is the leading manufacturer of baked goods in Jamaica and offers a wide range of products under 3 distinct brands National, HoMade & HTB. The company began in 1952 as a family-owned bread bakery and from its humble beginnings it has expanded to become the top producer of breads, buns, crackers and other baked products in Jamaica.


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