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Laka Sharah is a term of Amerindian origin that I came across in my cultural studies. It roughly translates to “fresh herbs”. While I was pursuing my master’s degree in Serbia, I came across a soap brand called Nesti Dante. It quickly became something I looked forward to. The experience of using those soaps transformed my entire day, and became a daily ritual. This was perfect for me because I suffer from eczema, and it has been a lifelong struggle finding soaps, particularly fragranced soaps, that don’t irritate my skin, and allow me to pamper myself like a normal person. Nesti Dante rekindled my love for soaps which started at an early age. Some of my fondest childhood memories are playing with bubbles and using up my mother’s soaps in the bathtub.

As a visual artist, I love working in the artisanal field, and Laka Sharah allows me to infuse my passions of sculpting and aromatherapy, and express myself in a meaningful way. Laka Sharah soaps are not just ordinary soaps, but works of art. One of my other creative outlets is baking, so I try to make my soaps look like actual desserts, which make them even more luxurious. I add intricate details to each piece that makes them look ready to eat. For example, on the Jamboree Cake Slice soap, you’ll see that I carved icing into it, and it looks like a real cupcake.

Seeing how people react to each of my pieces, and the smile it puts on their faces really brings me a lot of joy. I completely understand how those few minutes of joy can transform one’s entire mindset and mood for the rest of the day. It’s all about the simple pleasures, and the intention to slow down and enjoy them.

I registered Laka Sharah as a business in 2021, but the procurement for the materials started in 2020. My cousin informed me of the Christmas in July event and I ended up being one of the lucky selectants for Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC). This was right in the middle of the pandemic, but I decided to give it a try anyway. It appealed to me because most of the application process was online, which was very convenient. The entire process went smoothly and JBDC really encouraged me to put my best foot forward and really think about how I wanted my brand to be perceived.

Laka Sharah Cake Slice Soap Souffle Facial Mask
Laka Sharah Natural Soap Souffle Facial Mask

There may be other soap brands on the market, but Laka Sharah stands out because we try to make natural chic feel good. The core belief of Laka Sharah is that your interaction with nature should feel good. Laka Sharah wants you to feel revived and refreshed. It’s not just about physically caring for yourself, it is also about the psychological aspect as well. I want Laka Sharah to be a safe space for people to have those few minutes of peace. Whether it be a bit of ASMR while unwrapping the products, or a “tups” of nature. I want it to be known as something to revive and revitalise you for those five minutes of self-care.

I want to include that Laka Sharah is also about the psychological aspect of self-care because I want people to be more aware of the importance of mental wellness, and to really prioritise that aspect of self-care. My dream is for Laka Sharah to be associated with holistic care of the mind, body and soul, and the normalisation of slowing down and living with intention.

Self-care does not have to be elaborate. It can be that extra time in the shower at the end of a long day. Laka Sharah products are available here.

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