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My mother was an Avon sales representative. She sold skincare and cosmetic products to people frequently and her customers would always light up whenever they bought a new product from her. She also worked in a lab. I was always curious about the lab and how scientists worked, so this fostered my interest in science, which explains my passion for science.

Jamaicans have a culture of self-care with an emphasis on grooming. We love to keep “fresh” and smell nice. We love the process of grooming from showering daily to using various creams. As a culture, we indulge our senses in the grooming process.

The exposure to beauty and science that I received from my mother is what moulded who I am today. When I was a student at Mona High School, I loved studying the business and science subjects. Economics, Chemistry and Food science were my favourite subjects. Now I am pursuing a degree in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Technology. When I am not studying and attending classes, I am formulating products or revising previous concoctions. For now, I develop Rajeunir products at home, but I hope to get a studio space designated for production.

The name ‘Rajeunir’ actually means rejuvenate in French. The business used to be called ‘Artistic Treasures’ when I used to sell soaps to my schoolmates. When the pandemic hit, we started brainstorming new names. We decided to go with a French name and make it unique.

Jamaicans have a culture of self-care with an emphasis on grooming. We love to keep “fresh” and smell nice

Since the launch date, the products have been well received, however business is slow at the moment. Inflation and the rising costs of living has made people shift their priorities. Most people do not have money to spare on high quality skincare products. The average person might not see the value in our products since cheaper brands with lower quality ingredients exist.

In the over saturated market of natural skincare, Rajeunir stands out because our products are well researched and have a luxury appeal. Most of the other brands tend to fall short in the area of research in terms of product development. With my scientific background, it takes a considerable amount of time to research ingredients and develop a product of high standard. For instance, we use ginseng as an anti-aging ingredient in our products, an exotic ingredient that is not commonly found in other cheaper brands. We use many exotic ingredients such as champagne extract that further add to that luxury appeal of our brand.

Working in the artisanal field as an entrepreneur has been highly rewarding because it gives me the ability to foster my creativity. It is an absolute joy to receive feedback from customers who use our products, especially when their particular skincare needs are being met.

I want Rajeunir to be remembered for its artistry. An immense amount of effort goes into the scent, the texture, the uniqueness of the jars and just the overall presentation.

Personally, I want to be remembered for my multifacetedness. My deep love of science and my appreciation for art and creativity are what make me a dynamic entrepreneur.

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