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Foska Oats (6 pack)



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Foska Oats (6 pack)

Foska Oats is made from sun-ripened pure rolled oats. Foska brand Oats is a tasty, well-balanced food. It’s an excellent source of vitamin B, minerals, muscle building protein and its natural soluble fibres that help to reduce the cholesterol level in your blood stream.

Oats’ nutritional value and wholesome goodness have undoubtedly made it Jamaica’s favourite family cereal. Oatmeal has increased in popularity due to significant health benefits especially as it relates to efficacy in reducing cholesterol.

Oats, already known for its ability to increase energy, is the preferred choice for stamina punches and too for fitness enthusiasts who are persuaded of the brand’s benefits. Qty: 6 Packs.

Product of Jamaica