Kountry Delite Crushed Pepper (3bottles)

Kountry Delight Enterprise Limited is a agro-processing manufacturing company that has

grasped the appetite of local and international customers alike. Kountry Delite’s seasonings and sauces utilises the finest indigenous spices procured from local Jamaican farmers. The flavorful array of products is supported by a proud corporate citizenship framework as well as an experienced and dedicated team with a passion for deliciousness.

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Kountry Delite Crushed Pepper (3bottles)


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Jamaican Made

Scotch Bonnet peppers are a key ingredient in Jamaican Pepper sauce and are known for their fruity and spicy flavor. These peppers are quite hot and are often used in Jamaican cuisine to add heat to dishes.

Jamaican Pepper sauce is usually a bright orange or red color and has a thick, slightly chunky consistency. It is often used as a dipping sauce for meats or as a condiment for various dishes, such as jerk chicken or fish. It can also be used to add heat to marinades, soups, or stews.

Overall, Jamaican Pepper sauce is a flavorful and spicy addition to many Caribbean dishes and is beloved by those who enjoy a good amount of heat in their food.



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