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Mighty Spice Seasoning 1.7oz- (3pcs)

Mix & match your spices based on your needs. ( Just add the flavors in the comment section)

Mighty Spice Seasoning 1.7oz is made in Jamaica from all-natural ingredients, no added salt or MSG. The brand carries a wide variety of natural seasonings. these different variation of spices are aimed at giving your food some Jamaican flavors.

The spices comes in 10 different variety ranging from pineapple jerk to crushed pimento.  Mighty spice chose to stay on the healthier size of life by ensuring that their products do not have an additional salt, preservatives or MSG. Products made from all locally grown raw materials.

Product can be used on meat, poultry and vegetables. Seasoning means to bring out or intensify the natural flavor of the food without changing it. Seasonings are usually added near the end of the cooking period if cooking vegetables and once you are cooking meat, fish and poultry it may be added up to 30 minutes before cooking time to allow the season to marinate.

Product of Jamaica.