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Scentre Yourself Soaps (1bar) is the best care for your skin! Choose from a wide range of Jamaican made, 100% organic soap bars to rejuvenate your skin.

These soaps are made with ingredients  which help to smooth and even the skin tone. Infused with essential oils that will nourish your body’s largest organ.

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Jamaican Made

Scentre Yourself Soaps (1bar) is the best care for your skin! Choose from a wide range of organic soap bars to rejuvenate your skin.

MORINGA: It has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E.

CERASEE: Suitable for all skin types. Gentle for use on infants and sensitive skin.

AVOCADO: Naturally moisturizing and soothing; perfect for skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

ALOE VERA: The natural benefits of aloe vera plant include its soothing and hydrating properties. It may be particularly beneficial for problems such as sunburn, dry skin, acne, blemishes and allergic reactions.

CHARCOAL: Activated charcoal soap is known to be highly beneficial in the treatment of acne. Treats oily skin and has the amazing ability to control facial oil and draw away the impurities that build up in the pores.

TURMERIC: Turmeric is a spice with multiple uses and innumerable benefits. It soothes sensitive skin, heals scars and wounds, removes tans, fights wrinkles and slows the aging process.

PAPAYA: This soap has powerful exfoliating properties that render it beneficial for removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating dry and flaky skin.

COFFEE: Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. Clears dark circles and reduces inflammation.




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Ja Mi Crazy, Tumeric, Charcoal, Cerasee, Avocado, Aloe Vera, Neem, Coffee, Papaya, Moringa, Coffee Soap Scrub, Lavender Oatmeal


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