Yabba Candle by Zanesia

Take a big whiff of the tropics with this unique Yabba Candle. This is a beautiful art piece and fragrance to create a tropical vibe in any room. Perfect for the rainy and cold seasons, to create a cozy atmosphere. Rich, beautiful blend of floral and citrus notes

The handmade ceramic bowl that can be repurposed for various other uses. This candle fills the room with a pleasant fruity scent even when not being burnt. 


This candle was handcrafted by one of the many Jamaican artisans featured in Things Jamaican.

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Yabba Candle


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Jamaican Made

This candle is a part of the Yabba Collection by Zanesia. Candles by Zanesia are handcrafted with love & local Jamaican clay. This eco-friendly multifunctional piece can be refilled, or used as your heart desires.


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