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Things Jamaican provides a melting pot of authentic Jamaican creations. We promise that our customers will get a diverse, authentic and cultural Jamaican experience second to none. Every purchase you make from this website supports the development of Jamaican entrepreneurs and builds small businesses.


Samantha Fung just wasn’t in the mood to make escovietch pickle but her son had been prodding and pleading. It was only after he purchased a jar that was nowhere near as good as her homemade version that she reluctantly said yes.

Finally getting his way, he left the house for about 45 minutes and came back toting about two dozen empty jars, Samantha recalled with a laugh. She protested again but she made the pickle, filled about half of the jars and her son sold them off in a flash.

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I remembered that as a girl, my mom taught me how to make guava jam, so I said, ‘I wonder if I could really try some of this sorrel to make some jam?’

Samantha Fung
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