Herboo Botanicals Set 3pc -Try Now

Herboo Botanicals Set 3pc -Try Now  Includes 1 Deep Cleansing Dual Shampoo+Conditioner, 1 Protective Moisturizing Hair Oil, 1 Body & Face oil. 

If you suffer from dandruff and eczema, then this power trio is for you. Herboo Botanicals Set is made from a unique blend of organic herbs grown in Jamaica. The deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner dual is made with anti-fungal ingredients such as Rosemary and Peppermint. This will soothe an irritated scalp and stimulate hair growth, without drying out the hair. Follow up with the protective moisturizing hair oil which will add lustre to your hair and lock in moisture.


The body oil will give your body a beautiful sheen while adding nourishment to your parched and dry skin.

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Herboo Botanicals Set


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Jamaican Made

HERBOO Botanicals is a Jamaican-owned organic cosmetic and personal care brand that was developed by a team of young zealous entrepreneurs from the Caribbean. Herboo was developed with an eco-holistic philosophy. The line was expertly and creatively designed to nurture and transform all hair & skin types with a focus on health.

Herboo Botanicals’ products are free of toxins and made without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals. This brand stands firm in its belief in creating honest uncomplicated, efficacious beauty products always made with 80%-100% certified organic ingredient content that is safer and healthier for and easier on consumers’ skin and hair.

 Product of Jamaica.


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