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Moringa Oil- one of Jamaica’s MIRACLE Oils.  Moringa oil is the most nutrient rich vegetable oil in the world. It has quickly become a favourite in the cosmetics industry because of its ability to absorb easily without leaving an oily residue.


Excellent in healing sore throat, by just gargling and swallowing. Eliminates microbes in the throat, thus further protecting against common infections.


 It also promotes hair growth by creating a healthy environment on your scalp.



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Moringa OIl


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Selfcare at Tiphanie’s is a division of JTM Wholistic care which was founded in 2019 by Tiphanie Smith-Mclynch, a Registered Nurse. Through a rekindled love for Dermatology, and seeing the need to provide healthier, sustainable and effective skin and hair care products for herself and her family, Selfcare at Tiphanie’s was born.


Selfcare at Tiphanie’s products are 100% natural and are sure to provide desirable results. Their products are methodically created using sustainably sourced ingredients. Their purpose is to serve as the solution to all your skin, hair and aromatherapy needs.



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