Tamarind Balls 6pk- Guilt free

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Tamarind Balls 6pk

Tamarind Balls Treats 6pk In Jamaica tamarind balls are made with the fruit’s sticky flesh rolled with brown sugar into round sweet and sour balls. You can also make spicy versions that have hot pepper mixed in. Basically tamarind balls are made with the flesh of the tamarind mixed with sugar and water. Or you can add a boost of flavour with Jamaican rum, as you’ll see me do in my video below. Clearly they’re for adults only … though the alcohol does dissipate leaving behind the lovely rum flavour.

24 tamarind pods (remove shell)
Brown or granulated sugar
1/8 tsp. white rum (optional, however, the rum will  add flavour and make it more palatable.)
Put shelled tamarind into a container. Add sugar and rum.

Product of Jamaica.


The tamarind pulp and sugar are kneaded to form balls that are then left to air dry. The result is the tasty snack that has left its mark on many taste buds across Jamaica and the diaspora.