Magnus The Mongoose – Jamaican Children’s Book

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Magnus The Mongoose is a Jamaican story book with useful and constructive themes that are appealing to children. The illustrations are very bright, eye-catching and colourful and introduces young children to Jamaican culture in an age appropriate way, especially with the representations of  the ‘rolling’ calf (Rolie) and donkey (Patch). 



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Magnus The Mongoose


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Jamaican Made

Magnus the Mongoose is a Jamaican story book that contains messages and concepts that are not only entertaining but are important for children to learn. The rhyming htoughout the book keeps children engaged till the very last page. The book is predominantly in English, but Latchman adds some patois  whilst providing a glossary, keeping it within the Caribbean realm. It is certainly a positive addition to children’s literature and a fun introduction to life in the Caribbean.

Product of Jamaica.

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