The Happiness Dress

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The Happiness Dress follows Carolyne who receives a colourful dress from her aunt in Jamaica and she absolutely loves it! However, her mother and grandmother think the dress is too bright for their country and try to convince Carolyne that she needs to fit in. On one of her adventures, our heroine realises that her dress is far more magical than she thought.


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Jamaican Made

The Happiness Dress is a story for any Jamaican young girl to relate to. Every Jamaican child needs a good start at Jamaican tales and folklore or simply Jamaican stories to widen their cultural experience and vocabulary.

Blue Banyan Books is an independent publishing house in Jamaica that takes the imagination of brilliant Caribbean authors to your bookshelf. Their growing children’s section produces riveting and age appropriate stories for your little ones.

The Happiness Dress won the Commonwealth Foundation Special Prize for a children’s story in 2011.

Product of Jamaica.

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