Family Time on the Islands – Jamaican Children’s Book

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Family Time on the Islands is a colorfully illustrated story book with playful drawings by Jamaican artist, Rachel Moss. The short story is set in a Caribbean island where young kids learn the importance of traditional values such as respecting the elderly and being helpful at home.

Readers ‘sail’ from island to island in a boat named ‘Sunrise’ and collect golden nuggets at each stop. Each nugget is a value statement such as ‘Encourage each other’ which ties in to the stories. The ‘tour guide’ character in the books is a relatable Jamaican girl named after the author’s daughter.

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Jamaican Made

Carlene Barrett seeks to instil traditional Jamaican values into the minds of young children through her book Family Time on the Islands. To aid her mission, she has her own publishing company called ‘Island Nuggets’ where she centres “real value…for life” in everything she does. The values she promotes in her book series are respect for elderly,  treating others well, quality time with family and being helpful at home.



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