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Badmind: A Jamaican phrase to describe negative thoughts and feelings of envy and resentment towards another person, especially after they have revealed good fortune. It consists of feelings of jealousy that involve slanderous gossip or actively plotting their downfall. This can be compared to the evil eye; a look filled with malice and envy towards the prosperity of others.

We have all been on the receiving end of the infamous badmind. Whether intentional or not, we have all done something to incite feelings of jealousy in others. But what about ourselves? Sometimes the thing we despise in others is what we have within us. When you point at someone, four fingers point back at you. Here are some signs and symptoms of badmind that you might be experiencing:

You don’t celebrate the achievements of others

A common symptom of badmind is the unwillingness to celebrate others. What is your response to the following scenarios: Did your neighbour get a new car? Did your coworker get a promotion? Did your friend just post a picture of their significant other on social media?



    • Afta dem nuh more dan mi

    • A verbal exclamation of the first choice, but a mental one with the latter.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

You have the ability to feel happy for others…..just not when they do better than you. “Afta dem no bettah dan mi”. Comparison is the thief of joy and the enforcer of badmind. If you can only feel happy for others when they are not doing better than you, then you are still badmind. You feel upset when you see someone else achieving something you wanted, even though you never put in the work to achieve it.

You Make Jokes At The Expense of Others

 Insensitive jokes and general meanness is really just badmind disguised as tasteless humour. If you consistently put down another person, especially one you call friend, for kicks and giggles, take a moment to reflect. What is it about this person that causes you to be unkind to them, especially in the presence of others? No, you were not just joking…you are badmind.

Now that you have received your diagnosis, fret not, it is not terminal. If you catch it quickly, you can prevent the spirit of badmind from spreading and wreaking havoc. Here are some quick and easy cures for badmind:

Adopt An Irie Mindset

Irie is the Jamaican word for good mood, well-being, and happiness. The irie mindset is one of gratitude and contentment. When you take time to appreciate what you have and enjoy life moment by moment, then you realize that the achievements of others do not detract from your own.

Drink Some Coconut Water

“Coconut water fi wash off yuh heart.” This Jamaican saying applies to the numerous health benefits of coconut water, but its cooling effects can simmer the bubbling feelings of envy and wash off the bad mind. In this tropical paradise, we are surrounded by coconuts year round. So whenever you feel badmind rearing its ugly head, support your local jelly man.

Coconut Water Fi Wash Off Yuh Heart

Solution to Feelings of Badmind


 If you see someone achieving their goals and you feel envy towards their prosperity, just remember that things are not always as easy as they seem. Below the surface lie sleepless nights, failure, resilience, and perseverance. The cover letter for your dream job isn’t going to just get up and write itself. Those extra fifty pounds aren’t just going to burn themselves off; you have to put in the work.

 If you have not put in the hard work to achieve your own dreams, don’t badmind others for doing so; get up and get at it!


Badmind can be disguised as unresolved issues in our lives that are left to fester. Mental health is a key factor in our daily life, from work to interpersonal relationships. It can be uncomfortable to approach friends and family with certain issues, so the best remedy is to talk things out with a licensed therapist. This can be a great way to get an objective view of things that are bothering you and to take care of your mental health at the same time.





 If you followed all these tips and you are still struggling with the disease of badmind, you might need to enlist the help of divine intervention. Call on your pastor, Iman, or any spiritual guru to help you. You might need to buy some sage or a gallon of olive oil.






badmind deliverance

Envy is a natural human emotion, but when it festers into badmind, it becomes a problem. Don’t let badmind turn you into your own worst enemy, nip it in the bud!


Ashley Haynes

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