Best Gifts for Men, 6 Things They Will Actually Love

gifts for men

Best gifts for men? Look no further.

International Men’s Day is coming up and sometimes the buzz around this day can sound more like a whisper. This year, we want to be LOUD with our appreciation and gratitude for our men. We have put together a list of the best gifts for men that will most definitely make them feel appreciated and thought of. You can’t go wrong with these top tier, high-quality products that men actually use and enjoy. 

Listening Ear

In our society, men are socialised to be emotionless and never express their feelings. We are all aware that this adherence to stoicism has detrimental effects on their mental health as shown by the global suicide rate for men (which is up to ten times higher than that of women in many places). The first step to getting help is to speak up about our feelings. One of the best gifts for men is the intangible gift of listening.

November is recognized as Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month so try to lend a listening ear to the men in your life and encourage them to open up to you.


Beard Oil

If you allow the men in your life to walk around with struggle beards, then you do not care about them at all. In this day and age with a plethora of brands and products suited just for men, you will never have to run out of gift ideas for the beard growers. At Things Jamaican, we carry some of the top natural Jamaican beard products and will leave a healthy lustre to any beard texture.

Men's Skin Care Products

Bredren Rosemary Deep Pore Toner 8oz - Best Results - Shop Now!

Yes, men need to take care of their skin as well. Many men suffer silently from skincare concerns such as acne and eczema but fear that speaking about these concerns will make them appear less masculine. Skincare is a normal part of hygiene that should not only be reserved for women. 

These products are everything men need to keep their skin looking and feeling fresh. Each product is specifically designed to tackle male related skincare issues such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs. So if you are more into the shaved look, you can still have smooth, blemish free skin with these products from Bredren.

Bredren Skin Balm (1 jar) - Best Results - Shop Now!

Dopp Bag

Now that you have released the men in your life from the shackles of ashiness and patchiness with skincare and beard oil, they will need something to keep their essentials in when they travel or go on roadtrips. This Dopp Bag may look small but it can hold up to ten items comfortably, and makes for the perfect travel companion. 

Scented Candle

The idea that men are not interested in making their environment smell good is now old news. More and more men are finally feeling comfortable enough to allow themselves to explore their more sensual side. Hand-poured, all-natural candles are perfect gifts for men. There are many with more masculine scents such as Bergamot, Sandalwood and even coffee that any man with an interest in candles is sure to enjoy. Perfect for home or office, these candles add something extra to any room.

coconut candle

Bredda Box

If you still don’t know what to get, no worries. Head over to to get an all-in-one box full of top-tier products made in Jamaica. Simply select the tier and we will take care of the rest. You won’t be disappointed.


This International Men’s Day also falls within the Thanksgiving season. Let us spread some of the gratitude towards the good men who lead by example and let them know that they are well loved and appreciated.


Ashley Haynes

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