All-natural Mosquito Repellent Candles

mosquito repellent candles

Mosquito repellent candles are made from all-natural by-products. They are guaranteed to rid us of the pesky nuisances that can ruin summer gatherings in the backyard like a family get-together, a small party, or just a romantic outdoor snuggle. In modern times local manufacturers have sought to apply alternative, ecologically healthy methods of repelling insects and avoid the use of aerosol sprays which typically contain environmentally harmful components like DEET, which is a chemical substance widely used to ward off biting insects and pests. Blue Mountain mosquito repellent Candles however are anti-DEET.

These aromatic mosquito repellent products provide the most healthy solutions that utilize natural herbs and essential oils to create candles that offer safer options for consumers. The active ingredients, citronella, lemongrass, neem, and eucalyptus oils are exceptional in their delivery of a pleasant, effective and delightful method of getting rid of mosquitos, sand flies, and other unwelcome flying visitors.  

Citronella, not to be confused with lemongrass, is made of grass varieties. It is oftentimes found in lotions, perfumes, soaps, incense, or that bungalow in the tropics. Without artificial aid, it repels insects and animals. The grassy-floral scents of citronella whiffs, plumes and permeate any indoor and outdoor space easily, offering a hint of tropical aromatherapy. 

Neem, a tropical tree, is a natural herb known for its insecticidal and pesticide properties. Its oil is extracted from its seeds. A traditional commodity used through generations, Mosquitoes are not able to withstand the odor of the plant and have proven to be an amazing ingredient for mosquito repellent candles. 

Lemongrass, a popular herb used by Jamaicans, commonly for fever and flu. a plant similar to the properties of citronella, acts as a natural insect repellent. This especially, on hot summer days deter flying pests away. Lemongrass is not just used as an ingredient for mosquito repellent candles but also used as a flavoring for dishes. 

Eucalyptus oil presents itself with a considerable amount of anti-fighting properties and takes on varying products such as ointments, oral antiseptics, and even household cleaning products. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus by drying or crushing then processing. eucalyptus oils have a natural active component of PMD (p-Menthane-3,8-diol) which masks humans-bodies natural mosquito attracting scent and thus is used in mosquito repellent candles. 

Hand-poured and handmade by Blue Mountain Aromatics. Wax blocks are first placed in a large boiler for melting, followed by pouring essential oils (neem, citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus) into the melted mixture. Whisked together while it is still hot, the liquid is then filtered into a machine that gently spews them into small metal jars. Wicks are then placed into the center of the jar, once cooled, wicks are trimmed, candle jar sealed and labeled for packaging and distribution. 

With  Blue Mountain Aromatic, you can capture that sensational selfie without having to fear skin blemishes caused by a sudden insect bite. You can close your eyes and enjoy that relaxing chill spot on the patio without having to be kept busy fanning away insects. You can indulge in a great outdoor picnic or camping expedition insect-free. Additionally, protecting yourself naturally against pesky mosquitoes is important as it aids in the fight against deadly mosquito-borne diseases which include, zika virus, West Nile, Chikungunya, and dengue. The Blue Mountains aromatic mosquito repellent candles wards away mosquitoes and insects while leaving the effervescent of citronella and essence of joy in your environment.  

 mosquito repellent candles


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