What Your Favourite Jamaican Easter Bun Says About You

What Your Favourite Jamaican Easter Bun Says About You

It’s that time of year again when the air is filled with the tantalising aroma of freshly baked Jamaican Easter bun. The Easter frenzy has officially begun, and Jamaicans from all walks of life are scrambling to find their favourite bun for the season.

Many Jamaicans are adamant about sticking to one specific brand of bun that will complete their Easter celebrations. Have you ever thought about what your favourite brand of easter bun says about you? Let’s find out!


HTB Easter Bun 56oz

 You are practical and straightforward and have a  no-nonsense approach to life. You are very particular about things and have high standards. You won’t just settle for anything, even if it means that you have to wait for what you really want. You are ambitious, but can sometimes be ‘licky licky’.


coronation bakery bun

If Coronation Bakery is your favourite Jamaican Easter bun, then you were all about soft life before it was even a trend. You have most likely been called stush more than once. You appreciate the finer things in life and want every experience to be a luxurious one. You know how to romanticise your life and make the simple things feel extraordinary. People call you fussy and “high maintenance”, but you just know that you were not made for a hard life.



  Throughout the day, random commercial jingles will pop into your head, creating a very bizarre soundtrack for your life. You probably still use a coconut brush to clean your floor. If Whitfield is your favourite Jamaican Easter bun, then you are old school and traditional, but like to be spontaneous every once in a while.


Yummy Spice Bun

You’ve been labelled as “bawly bawly” and always in need of a hug. If you can’t get a physical hug from anyone, you go for foods that feel like a warm embrace. You can’t get through a sad commercial without the tears welling up. 



You romped hard as a child and a few cuts and bruises did not hold you back. You fell victim to numerous “washouts” after a long summer holiday filled with sweet treats. If you’re honest with yourself, you could probably benefit from a few wash-outs here and there at your big age. The best description for you would be “chaotic good”.



 You are an avid observer of mix up, and secretly enjoy it although you claim to dislike drama in your life. You are very calm and collected on the surface, but cannot resist a good “draw out”. If you had a nickname, it would be “Dear Dream”.

Which one accurately describes your personality?

If you’ve never tried Jamaican Bun and Cheese, now is the perfect time to do so! You can order a Bun N Tin Box to dip your toes into Jamaican culture. Don’t just take our word for it,  see for yourself. 

Deliciousness awaits!


Ashley Haynes

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